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We pursue our objectives holistically, including paying fair wages and providing safe and healthy working conditions for our tailors and employees, contributing towards a green cause by limiting the use of plastic in our packaging and process paraphernalia, and finding heart and pride in being a ‘Made in India’ company.

Fabric – Fiber to Fashion

As a conscientious company, Araksa's textiles are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, without the use of chemicals or pesticides in the growing process.

Fabrics that are more environmentally sustainable, such as Soya, Banana, Orange, Rose, Aloe vera, Bamboo, and organic or kala cotton that are 100 percent organic and natural.

These fabrics, for example, are UV resistant and antibacterial. Fabric looks like silk and is incredibly soft and lightweight due to its light-reflective properties. Due to their longevity and smooth texture, they may be worn all year.

Our textiles are supplied from manufacturers that adhere to the highest social and environmental standards. EPFC and GOTS have certified the textiles as organic.

Eri Silk

Eri silk is one of the most robust and long-lasting fibres. In the summer, it is cool, and in the winter, it is warm.

Eri silk, also known as Ahimsa silk or peace silk, is a non-violent silk that does not require the moth to be sacrificed in order to extract the fibre. After spinning, the moth emerges from the cocoon and flies away. In a tribal area of Assam, the wild silk worm Samia cynthia ricini is covered by its food, castor leaves. The moth must leave the cocoon before spinning the Eri silk cocoons, leaving a hole.

The texture of the fabric is coarse, fine, and dense. It is very strong, durable, and elastic which is spun into finer and shinier material.

It's fascinating to see and feel one of the Eri silk textiles which have been created in this way.

Soy Protein Fibre

Soy fabric, often known as "vegetable cashmere," has the softness of silk and is one of the world's most eco-friendly materials. This interesting textile, made from soy protein obtained from the hulls of soybeans, takes a waste product and converts it into an useable textile with limited processing.

Soy fabric has a fabulous drape and is extremely flexible. Soy cloth does not wrinkle or shrink, while being somewhat prone to pilling.

Soy fabric also has unique properties due to its chemical composition. For instance, this textile is UV-resistant, and it is also highly antimicrobial. Due to its light-reflective qualities, soy fabric looks like silk in addition to being very soft and lightweight.

To this day, soy fabric remains the only textile composed of pure plant protein, and it’s also the only textile produced using food industry by-products.

Dyes –

100% Natural dyes

With the objective of developing 100% organic garments, dyeing processes that use less water and chemicals, and hence consume less energy, are being utilised.

Natural colours come from natural sources. The majority are plant-based and derived from roots, wood, bark, berries, lichens, leaves, flowers, nuts, and seeds.

Our dyes are completely natural and have been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards.

Packaging -

Carbon neutral and zero-plastic packaging.

Sustainability has become important in every walk of life. With the fashion industry being the second largest in waste generation across the globe, only after the oil industry, designers are seen becoming increasingly conscious with their decisions on product-making processes. Packaging may seem like a trivial matter, but it is what reaches the consumer and is most likely to end up disposed of without any form of recycling.

At Araksa, being committed to environmental sustainability, we use 100% plastic free & eco-friendly packaging materials for our products. Our values are carried forward through eco-conscious packaging to sustain the practice of reducing wastage and causing minimal harm to the planet and the people. The brand believes in using everything that is free of chemicals or harmful to the environment and we are totally here for it! We believe in upholding the highest environmental and ethical standards and proves that via its consciously handcrafted clothes as well as the post-production packaging.

We use packaging materials that can be easily biodegrade and recycled such as corrugated cardboard boxes, seed paper tags which may or maybe grow into plants but would not leave any residue behind and lastly, we use recycled wrapping sheets which are organically certified.

Majorly, lack of concern towards our environment has been causing detrimental effects on well-being of our society. Therefore, our approach towards green packaging material is one of the many things we could do to create a healthier environment than we currently live in.

Thank you for helping protect our environment!



All our pieces are made in eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics by our skilled artisans. Due to their hand-crafted nature, there could be slight variations in the feel of the fabric, construction, color, and technique of the actual product from the images shown on this website.

Size Guidelines

  • Wash with cold water or temperature not above 30 degree Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight.
  • Do not chlorine bleach.
  • Wash separately.
  • Use ph-neutral washing soap.
  • Do not hot iron if needed do cold iron.
  • Prefer Dry Clean.

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